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Guige to ZANTE ISLAND (Greece)

Treat your family and friends to Zante holidays and experience a fantastic time in this stunning place. Zante truly has become a premiere destination for people seeking a relaxing holiday that is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
The breathtaking scenery and places that you will see here will surely make you want to extend your stay here. Read the succeeding paragraphs to know more information about this beautiful place.
Zante (Zakynthos) is an idyllic island, whose magic will remain in your memory forever. An island with emerald beaches, mountains full of pine trees, wonderful flowers, dreamy caves, traditional architecture, picturesque little streets with alleys and arches and inhabitants with a particularly kind and hospitable spirit. It is part of the Ionian Islands and geographically located towards western Greece. The finesse of Zante in combination with its great contribution to the the arts and culture, from old times, will fascinate you even more.
The Venetians called it the flower of the east. Zante is also developed in the field of tourism. Thousands of people every year prefer and make the isle of Zante their favorite holiday location. When you decide to visit this magnificent island, we are certain that you will be impressed by the famous bay of Laganas where you can enjoy one of the longest and most sandy beaches in the Mediterranean. This beach was also chosen by the Caretta - Caretta sea turtle to lay her eggs. It is a heavenly place where the vivacious scenery in combination with the sensual atmosphere and the endless hospitality of the locals will infinitely keep this island in your memory. Zante, an island filled with challenges, pleasant surprises and natural beauty, the ideal place for your summer holidays!

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