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Guige to ZAKINTHOS ISLAND (Greece)

Zakinthos (Zakynthos or Zante), a Greek Island rich in natural beauty, offers a fantastic setting for a villa holiday. Its impressive long sandy beaches and crystal waters, some home to nesting sea-turtles, are beautifully contrasted with traditional stone-clad villages hidden in the pine covered mountains. The animated beach resorts on Zakinthos offer an array of restaurants, bars and watersports along the southern and eastern coastlines - an ideal location for a summer holiday. While in the west spectacular sea caves and peaceful coves are surrounded by dramatic cliffs to offer tranquillity and seclusion. Leisure pursuits like cycling, hiking, horseback riding and nature trails offer wonderful ways to enjoy the changeable Zakinthos landscape – from its rolling hills and olive groves to scented citrus orchards.
A divers’ paradise, this Greek Island has an underwater world well worthy of exploration. While on land, in between the sharp-edged rocks and protected white sandy beaches, you can watch the famous sea-turtles native to Zakinthos find refuge to reproduce. Paragliding, banana rides, pedaloes and canoes are also available to help you cool off on your villa holiday in the dazzling sun. Modern amenities are a feature of this Greek Island, but a long history steeped in tradition is also waiting to be discovered in Zakinthos. Beautiful orthodox churches, archaeological sites and Venetian castle ruins are dotted all around. Quiet villages and traditional stone houses line narrow streets, often perched in the mountains. Museums celebrate the Byzantine era and Greek literary works. Baroque and Renaissance architecture is also found all over Zakinthos, proudly maintained by its Greek Island native inhabitants.


The superb beaches of Zakinthos are famed for their natural unspoiled beauty, fine white volcanic sand and turquoise waters. A Greek Island full of coastline variations, you’ll find rugged natural beaches nestled in rocky formations and little private pine-clad islets for total seclusion. To protect the habitat of the endangered sea-turtle, many bays forbid building work and nightlife. Sun-beds and parasols can be found in most villa holiday resorts, alongside a wide variety of watersports facilities, snack bars and tavernas. Zakinthos has a great variety of night-time entertainment with something to suit every taste. In early evening, bars and outside terraces offer magnificent views out to sea – best enjoyed over a soothing cocktail. Later on, the livelier atmosphere and faster tempo found in Zakinthos is perfect for dancing into the early hours. Traditional tavernas and nightspots are found in smaller villa holiday resorts, with amenities that appeal to all ages. Live music, cabaret and authentic Greek dancing are among the best attractions.

corfu island