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A stroll through the alleyways of the old town late at night - that is summertime. The man who roasts corn-on-the-cob over a brazier in the Upper Squarehe is summertime. Freshly sliced, ice-cold watermelon - that's summertime. A mid-afternoon siesta in a little, vine-shaded, whitewashed courtyard - that is summertime. And the people, these happy and kindly people who face daily life with humour and stay out late at night - they too are a part of summertime. Summertime in Corfu. The best time to visit the island and enjoy life to the full. Because summertime in Corfu is a distillation of the Mediterranean temperament, the warm hospitality, the honest dealings, the human contact. And that is the basic reason why over a million visitors a year end their holidays here happier people. Corfu never lets you down.
The entire province of Corfu Greece (including its islands) is encircled by approximately 600 kms of shoreline. Hundreds of beaches with sand or pebbles are to be found here, ideal for a lazy, carefree swim in sparklingly clean water There are beaches which even in high season remain deserted and untouched. There are caves and rocks perfect for diving and underwater exploration, and plenty of small harbours where you can tie up a boat.
In the interior of corfu island you will come across luxuriant vegetation, picturesque villages, old family mansions, stone-built houses with pristine courtyards, simple folk. You will also find areas of well-developed tourism, with luxury hotels, restaurants, tavernas and bars for every occasion. Anyone exploring on foot will wander freely and may even get lost in a network of roads, tracks and footpaths which lead to both the past and the future of Corfiot life. You will have every opportunity to take part in traditional village festivals, you will meet and talk with the kindly local people, you will share for a while a way of life that springs from the philosophy and culture of Ancient Greece.

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