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welcome to SINARADES villages Corfu (Kerkyra)

Sinarades village is situated in the middle-west of Corfu island, facing north-east only 13 km. far from Corfu town. It is built on a hillside covered with olives and almond trees. The water from the mountain springs collects in a small river at the base of the hillside, a river that once divided the village in two. A cluster of graves and other graves scattered around the area dating back to the Roman age, as have been discovered just 1 k. outside of Sinarades village in north-west direction. This discovery leads to the conclusion that this area might had been an ancient village during the Roman conquest. Sinarades village in its current location was built between the 10th and 11th century by the inhabitants of a seashore village which was abandoned because of the terrible and repeated forays of the Sarakin pirates.
The derivation of the world Sinarades comes from the Byzantine surname Sinaras. Although the village was built earlier, nothing was documented about its existence prior to the 15th century. Following the historical march of Corfu island, the village has its moments of flourish and decline, incursions of the Turks and Algerians, stories that have been handed down from generation to generation. Today Sinarades village numbers 1,200 inhabitants and it is a self community ruled by a council of 7 governors. Sinarades now caters weel for the locals and visitors providing healthcare facilities such as a community surgery and pharmacy. There is regular bus service from Corfu town with 8 daily runs, five of them taking you to Ai-Gordis beach. The main occupation of the locals is tourism and farming, with the most important products being olive oil, wine, vegetables and fruit.

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The folklore-museum of Sinarades, established in 1982, is one of the best in Greece and the only one on the island of Corfu. From May to October thousands of tourists visit the museum. The inhabitants are friendly, hospitable people who are trying to maintain traditions and customs by keeping their traditional dances and songs alive, as part of Sinarades village celebrations. On certain days the locals join together: the Monday after Easter, the myrrh-bearing women's Sunday and 15th of August (Virgin Mary's feast), the people walk round the village with icons and the banners of the churches ending up at the village square, where a great feast takes place.
Another famous feast of the village is on 3rd of September on Agios Theoktistos hill. With its narrow paths, embossed entrances, old houses with small terraces and marble stairs, beautiful churches with high and elegant belfries, with two mansions and the famous folklore museum, Sinarades is one of the biggest and most beautiful villages on corfu island

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