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Welcome to one of Greece's most opulent shopping areas. Corfu's marketplace mirrors its history and its atmosphere will transport you back to the 17th and 18th centuries. To a time when the port of Corfu was the meeting point for the peoples and cultures of East and West. Ships from both points of the compass stopped over here as this was one of the Venetian Democracys largest ports. This meant that Corfu island was a place where people, ideas and goods from all different cultures came together, considerably enriching local life. Today this melting pot of people, ideas and goods still exists. People from all over the world have taken up residence on the island and have opened up businesses here ensuring a wealth of goods that are not to be found in other areas in Greece.
In the centre of the Old Corfu town craftsmen and artisans produced and sold a huge variety of objects. The Jewish Quarter and the "Pinia" area were chock-ablock with all types of shops. These are still to be seen today. The range of goods from the Corfiot countryside and popular art, in particular, will attract your attention. The local gold and silverjewellery designs have their roots in the Byzantium period and the aesthetics are reminiscent of Ancient Greece (5.000 years tradition). The work itself is done by local gold and silversmiths ensuring both original designs and very competitive prices. Pottery is another art which has a long history in Corfu. Pottery workshops can be found all over the island: Corfu town, Korakiana, Milia and in the Sgombou area. Handcrafted olivewood products are a natural consequence of the millions of olive trees on the island. Family run workshops offer an exciting range of products and are to be found all over Corfu. The Koum Kouat fruit is sold as a preserve and also distilled into a liqueur. Both these products can be found almost everywhere on corfu island

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Wine made from Corfiot grapes is of a very high quality but is not made in large quantities due to the fact that not many grapes are grown here. The very few organized vineyards, the fact that the subsoil is not really conducive to the vines and the high rainfall are all factors that restrict the production of wine on corfu island
The Theotoki Estate (a prominent political family from Corfu), Theodore Goulis in Liapades, the Leivadioti Family in Chalikouna, the Vasilaki distillery, the enologist Andreas Stinis who produces the local wine "Lianorogo", Doukato in Doukades, are some of the more prominent producers of wine on the island. Traditional soap is another local product that is well worth purchasing during your shopping trip. During the 19th century
Corfu Greece was a major producer of this type of soap, as was usual in olive oil producing areas. Both the green and white types of soap are made from byproducts of the olive oil pressing process making it a pure and natural product. The soap producers PATOUNI still produce this traditional product and they have a shop in Sanrocco Square.

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