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welcome to RODA Corfu (Kerkyra)

Nestling on a stretch of golden sand on the northern shore of Corfu, you will find Roda, a charming little village and harbour that has been catering for the British tourist for the past 35 years. Roda is a delightful mix of the traditional and the modern with old style tavernas, cafes and bars standing along with more up-to-date venues complete with all the technology of sports events and current. This plus the natural friendliness of the Greek people, as well as the safety of holidaying in their country, make Roda attractive to all - there is something for everyone - with enough nooks and crannies in the village to lose yourself if that' what you need to relax. The size of Roda puts everything within a slow stroll and the emphasis is definitely on "chilling out", as the Corfiots and Greeks are famous.

corfu roda

To those who have not been to Corfu (let alone Roda), the Island is stunningly beautiful with impressive sea and inland views. For walkers, there are well laid-out trails taking you through calm olive groves and spectacular hills teeming with different species of wildlife and plants. Another great way to get around is by horse, and there is an excellent trekking centre just outside Roda village. Other activities include water sports, boat hire and mini go-kart circuits. In fact, Roda is a perfect place for a young family holiday. Children are a focal point of Greek life, and they are made quite a fuss of, thereby allowing the parents a little more relaxation than they might have expected whilst on holiday. The bathing in Roda is safe as the sea is shallow, and there are also any amount of swimming pools with free admittance. For medical needs, there are three resident doctors and a pharmacy to look after any health problems.

How to get to and from Roda

By Bus: From Corfu Town, the Green Bus Line (KTEL) offers service to Roda approximately every two hours from 9:00 in the morning, the last bus leaving Roda at around 5:30 in the afternoon. Price at the time of this writing is 2.60 euros per person, one way.
By Taxi: Taxis are available at Corfu International Airport, as well as from the taxi queue near the Liston in Corfu Town, or from any point on Corfu by telephone request. There is also a taxi queue in Roda adjacent to the bus stop near the beach.
By Car: Car, motor bike and cycle hire is available from a variety of companies located at Corfu International Airport, as well as in Corfu Town located along the road directly opposite the New Port (where most ferries dock).

corfu island