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Nights in Corfu are magical. And this is no exaggeration. The very great humidity of the lonian as opposed to the dryness of the Aegean, creates a halo around the moon which excites romanticism. According to tradition held in all the Ionian islands, in the years past grandmothers would not let their grandchildren look in the mirror after dark for fear of bad spirits or demons. In fact they used to cover the mirrors with cloth.
Things are different for the youth of today The modern day passion for clubbing is readily found in Corfu. The cool of midnight, the cosmopolitan background may tempt one to have another drink, give way to the music, and dance under the moonlight. The main areas for nightlife are in Mandouki opposite the customs in the port, the Emboriko Kendro (disco area), Ipsos, Acharavi, Kavos and Benitses. There are bars and clubs for every taste. Rock, soul, trans, ethnic, underground and Greek music can be found in bars with gardens, balconies, palm trees and people everywhere. Mostly Greeks and Italians meet at these places, some English and French and the fun goes on till the morning hours. The island is divided into different sorts of entertainment according to the type of people in each area, creating clubbing "clans". In the North of Corfu the Germans favour Acharavi and the English Sidari and kassiopi which are the main areas for nightlife and entertainment. On the East side of the island in Ipsos you will find Italians, English and Eastern Europeans while in Gouvia you will find Dutch and Scandinavians. Further South in Benitses you will find again English and Eastern Europeans while Moraitika has more Scandinavians and Germans. In Ag. Giorgis Argirades once again you will find English, Eastern Europeans and Germans, and in Kavos the English and Eastern Europeans rule supreme.

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