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The Mediterranean Sea - bordered by three continents and 21 countries:
Gibraltar, Spain, France, Montecarlo, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece,  Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and the island-States of Malta and of Cyprus,  each with its own language, culture and history
. There are six large islands: Majorca, Corsica, Crete and Cyprus, plus a total of around 3300 smaller islands: Spain 8, Italy 60, Croatia 1185, Greece (greek islands) 2000 …
It would take a life-time of sailing to visit them all!
Rome, Venice, Constantinople (Istanbul), Carthage, Cairo and Athens, capitals of the ancient maritime empires, are a must to visit for those who surely  are descendants of the ancient navigators and conquerors, and who have an innate,
adventurous desire to travel, to explore, to learn and to discover

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corfu island