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Guige to ITHAKA ISLAND (Greece)

The island of Ithaka is known in the whole world through the epic poet Homer, as the birthplace, the kingdom and the beloved, patria of the resourceful Odysseus who was the most popular character in the Greek Mythology. The legend has it that the island took its name from its first settler "Ithacus", who was the son of the Olympian god of the sea Poseidon. Ithaka Island or "Ithaki" as the island is called from its inhabitants, is the greatest Symbol in the world of adventure, of nostalgia for one´s place of birth and of loyality.With an area of 96 km and a population of 3500 inhabitants Ithaka Island is the fifth island in size in the Ionian Sea.
It lies south of Lefkada island and north east of the island of Kefalonia from which is separated by a strait of 3,5 km. This beautiful island has a coastline of 101 km with rocky and sand purple beaches washed by crystal blue - green water. The most part of Ithaka is mountainous whose highest peak is the Mt. of Niritos at 800 m (according to the Mythology Anticleia the wife of Ithaka King Laertes, because it was raining give born to Odysseus into a cave of Mt. Niritos. The climate of Ithaka island is mild and Mediterranean and it is sunny for the most of the year. The island economy is based mainly a stockbreeding, fishing and tourism. The two waves of emigration, the first in 1829 and the second in 1845 made Ithakans famous as sailors and merchants abroad. Capital of the island is the picturesque port of Vathi, that it is also the largest city of the island

ithaka island - greece

Vathi is situated above a natural horse - shoe shaped harbor and it is build by the time of the British occupation in the Renaissance and Neoclassical style. At the entrance of the port close to the shore lies the isled of Lazaretto with the chapel, which is dedicated to "Saver Jesus". During the Venetian period the isled used to be the Quarantine isled for the facilities. The dense vegetation is a pleasant surprise for all the visitors when the explores the interior of Ithaka, Natural beauties, graphical small bay villages like Kioni and Frikes washed by crystal blue green water green vegetation that reach the Ionian Sea that is often separated only by a small sandy trip give the inspiration to an anonymous poetries to write the following: Through all hidden paths of our endless thoughts our soul wonder for Ithaka to reach.
The beautiful landscape, the Panorama view from the Mountain picks to the other Ionian Islands, the sunsets into the Ionian Sea, offers to the visitor a soul relax. Because the beauties of Ithaka cannot be hide... not even in the night when the first lights are suits on.

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