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... History of Corfu island , Greece

Through the centuries Corfu island has played an important roll because of its strategical position. Trade routes and the base of operation for rulers with the intention to rule larger parts of the world. Pirates regularly attacked the island.
The Greek antiquity identified itself with a high degree of civilization, which later would be an example for many nations.
A new constitition was developed “ The Democracy”.
The island served as a backround for some classical myths. The Greek poet Homerus arranged for an adventure from the “Odyssey” to take place on Corfu. Angry at the release of Odysseus, Poseidon brings on a gigantic storm and Odysseus’s raft is destroyed. The hero is washed ashore on the island of Pheacen (Corfu). The people from Pheacen (Corfu) rescued Odysseus and found a way to get him back to his own island (Ithaca)

corfu history

Agios Spiridon (Saint Spiridon) is very special in Corfu. Spiridon was a Cyprian bishop. His remains were kept in Constantinople and after the fall of the town, were brought to Spiridon church in Corfu town. There are processions 4 times every year to celebrate his namesake and the three miracles that are written in his name. His relic is carried through the streets. Agios Spiridon saved the islands residents from starvation and protected them against the plague. The story is told that during the Turkish invasion in 1716 Saint Spiridon appeared with a flaming torch. This appearance brought so much fear to the attackers that they quickly fled from the island. It is said that at night he makes his way over the island to help people and animals. In fact the velvet shoes on his feet are changed every year because they are so worn out

corfu island