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... How to get to Corfu , Greece

The Ionian islands have a less developed ferry system than the other island groups in Greece, partly due to the four airports in the region. Corfu has an international airport with regular flights to and from Europe and other cities in Greece. Ferries arrive at Corfu from Igoumenitsa and Patra. There are ferries plying the one and a half hour route between Corfu and Igoumenitsa every hour during the day. Coming from Patra, you can buy a domestic ticket on one of the international ferries going to Italy because they stop in Corfu on the way

Travelling by plane.
From the end of April until the middle of October there are numerous charter flights from all of the major Airports in Europe. If you are looking for cheap flights to Corfu then we/d recommend reviewing some of the major comparison sites including There ares cheduled flights go through Athens. Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines fly at least 4 times every day to Corfu. In addition to these flights there flight to Thessaloniki 2 or 3 times a week to Corfu

Travelling by boat.
There are several ferry services between Booking Hotel Corfu and many Italian cities on the Adriatic coast such as Ancona, Brindisi,Triest and Venice. The shortest route is from Brindisi taking approximately 8 hours but the most comfortable way is by boat from Venice (24 hours) and Triest (27 hours). These are cities you can easlly reach by train or car, but travelling from Venice by boat has also an extra advantage, that you can admire the San Marosquare. If you want to compare travel costs with the different possibilities, you have to take into consideration the toll costs on the highway in Italy. Travelling through Austria and Switzerland you require a Vignet. This is a special sticker you have to buy and place on your windscreen. You can also combine your trip flying to Venice and then by boat to Corfu.
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By Bus
From Athens to Igoumenitsa by bus, then from Igoumenitsa to Kerkyra or Lefkimi by Ferry-Boat. There are daily departures from Athens Bus terminal (KTEL, 100 Kifissou str., Athens) to Corfu. Tickets are about 30 € and should be bought in advance if you want to be assured of a seat. The distance from Athens to Igoumenitsa is about 500 km and the trip lasts 7-8 hours. From Igoumenitsa you must take the Ferry-Boat to Corfu Town or Lefkimi. The distance is 18 n.m., and the trip lasts 1h 45min and 1h 30min respectively. Tickets are about 4 € per persons and 30 € for Cars.
There are also daily departures from Salonica Bus terminal to Igoumenitsa. The trip from Salonica to Igoumenitsa lasts about 8 hours. Tickets are about 30€. From Igoumenitsa you must take the Ferry-Boat to Corfu Town or Lefkimi

On arrival.
The airport is situated a short distance from Corfu town (The Capital). On arrival in Corfu a taxi awaits you to bring you in comfort to our hotel. Our hotel is 35 kilometres from the Capital and approximately 45 minutes drive. The harbour of Corfu is also situated in the Capital. If required you can also be collected by taxi if travelling by boat. It is possible to hire a car at numerous car hire operators at the airport

Flights to Corfu
There are two type of flights that are available - Scheduled flights which are operated by Airline companies and can be booked direct with the Airline. To get to Corfu using scheduled flights you can fly to Athens and then get an internal flight from Athens to Corfu. Several airlines fly to Athens and Corfu.  Scheduled flights fly all year and are the only way to get to Corfu by air in the winter months. You can also fly to Italy then travel to Corfu by ferry (see below).
The other type of flights (and the cheapest usually) to get are chartered. This is where a travel company uses their own planes and the aim of the exercise is to completely fill the plane. These flights are used by tour operators in conjunction with accommodation to form "package holidays". However, there are always seats on the planes available for "flight only" bookings. These seats are sold to ensure that the flights are completely full and can be extremely cheap, particularly at the beginning and the end of the season. These seats are sold by flight agents. Once confirmed, the seats on the flight are yours. It is always advisable however to check-in early so that you can get your preferred seats.  Chartered flights to Corfu operate from May to October and are available from most main UK airports. There are also limited charter flights at Christmas and Easter details of these can be found here.

corfu island