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Fast Facts of Corfu island - (Kerkyra)

There’s Corfu the coast, Corfu the town (also named as Kerkyra), and Corfu the island, and they don’t necessarily appeal to the same vacationers. Corfu the coast lures those who want to escape civilization and head for the water—whether an undeveloped little beach, with a simple taverna and some rooms to rent, or a spectacular resort. Then there’s the more cosmopolitan Corfu town, with its distinctive layers of Greek, Italian, French, and British elements.
Finally, there’s a third and littleknown Corfu, the interior with its lush vegetation and gentle slopes, modest villages and farms, and countless olive and fruit trees. (It should also be admitted that there’s now a fourth Corfu - rather tacky beach resorts crowded with “package tourists” from Western Europe who sometimes can be a bit raucous. We prefer to think that our readers will know enough to avoid this Corfu.) Whichever Corfu you choose, it should prove pleasing. It was, after all, this island’s ancient inhabitants, the Phaeacians, who made Odysseus so comfortable. Visitors today will find Corfu similarly hospitable.
The Ionian Islands Tourism Directorate office (& 2661037520, fax 2661030298) is on the second floor of a modern building (unnumbered) on the corner of Rizospaston and Polila in the new town, a block across from the post office. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 1:00pm; in July and August, also open on Saturdays. You can only hope that they will have a supply of brochures with maps of the town and island.

corfu island

The new town of Corfu town is relatively modern and even a bit cosmopolitan. You probably won’t be spending much time in this new town, except for visits to the post office or the GNTO office. It’s easy to spend several days wandering through the old town, with its cantouni, Greece’s largest complex of picturesque streets and buildings, effectively unchanged for many centuries. The crown jewel of the old town is the Liston, the arcaded row of cafes where you can spend a lazy afternoon watching a cricket match on the great green of the adjacent Esplanade (Spianada).
The official American Express agent for Corfu is Greek Skies Travel Agency, 20A Kapodistriou. There are numerous banks in both the Old Town and New Town, you’ll find ATMs on most of their exteriors. The British Consul is at 1 Menekrates (& 26610 30055), at the south end of the town, near the Menekrates monument; it will take care of all British Commonwealth citizens. There is no U.S. consulate in Corfu. The hospital is on Julius Andreatti, and is signed from around town. There are two convenient Internet cafes: the Online Cafe, 28 Kapodistriou, along the Esplanade, and the Netoikos, on  14 Kalochairetou, behind Agios Spiridon Church, both are open daily from late morning to late evening. You can count on quick, careful, and fair-priced laundry or dry cleaning at the Peristeri, 42 Ioannis Theotikos (leading from San Rocco Square on the way to the KTEL Bus Terminal). It’s open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 2pm, with additional hours on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6 to 8pm. The police station (& 2661039575) is at 19 Leoforos Alexandros (near the post office). The post office (& 2661025544) is at 26 Leoforos Alexandros. It’s open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 8pm; in July and August, it’s usually open for a few hours on Saturday. The main telephone office (OTE) is at 9 Mantzarou; it’s open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to midnight, to 10pm on Saturdays and holidays.
Corfu Climate
Corfu has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and sunny while winter is mild with relatively heavy rain, so the island stays green all year round. In spring Corfu is famous for the wild flowers which cover the ground like a carpet. Amongst the flowers are over forty kinds of wild orchids, some of them rare
Down the centuries, the many rulers, as well as other influences, have bequeathed a special character to the island and its culture. There are Ancient Greek and Roman archaeological remains, Byzantine churches and icons. Its stately country mansions are a legacy of medieval feudalism, and the four million olive trees a reminder of Venetian trading policy. Italian touches in food and in the music, grandiose British monuments, and cricket and ginger beer…a surprise at every turn, on an island whose cultured people personify their heritage, and are delighted to share it with visitors
Corfiot cuisine is typically Mediterranean, based on olive oil, vegetables, pulses, pasta and fish. As well as local specialties,  restaurants serve famous Greek dishes such as Moussaka.
Modern Corfu
Today’s island combines the old and the new, so that visitors can enjoy all aspects of their destination with every comfort. A contemporary airport lies within close access of the charming old town and top class hotels. Modern roads lead into the countryside, to picturesque villages and dramatic scenery. High fashion boutiques sit beside craftsmen’s workshops. Restaurants located in antique buildings serve quality cuisine. In today’s Corfu, the past lives with the present, and the present reveals the past
corfu island