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Easter in Corfu island (Kerkyra) Greece

corfu easter

Easter in Corfu is a special event, not only because of the religious meaning of Easter, but also due to the fact that it is a time that both Orthodox and Catholic faiths celebrate, especially on the island of Corfu.
Good Friday is the day of the Epitafios (a reenactment of the burial of Christ). In the evening, the churches take their funeral bier through the streets, as people follow with candles in their hands, along with the Philharmonic Orchestra and choirs. Another custom of Corfiot Easter is to throw pots from windows in the morning of Holy Saturday. At night time the Catholic Church first holds its service that finishes in time for the Greek Orthodox service and the Resurrection. In Corfu (Kerkyra) the service is held on Splianada Square. When the bells chime midnight for the Resurrection of Christ, then a celebration begins, with fireworks, orchestral music and singing. An abundance of wine is consumed and local Easter dishes are served such as red eggs, fogatsa, tsilichourda and columbines. In the morning, the churches take the icon of the Resurrection through the town streets.

orthodox easter in corfu greece

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