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Corfu Trail - Walking in Corfu island (Kerkyra)

The Greek island of Corfu has been called a piece of Tuscany in the Ionian Sea. Millions of weather-gnarled olive trees planted centuries ago, their silver-grey foliage interspersed with dark cypresses, and the extraordinary richness in wild flowers, give the island the air of a vast botanical garden. With a coastline of more than 300km and mountains rising to 1,000 metres, rolling hillsides with extensive olive groves, vineyards and breathtaking panoramas, the real Corfu island is predestined by nature to be discovered on foot and is a real must for walkers and trekkers.
More than a hundred friendly villages, abandoned manor houses and monasteries wait to be visited and rediscovered. Tourism is mainly restricted to the coastal areas, behind the coastal belt time stands still, and bucolic landscapes welcome the pedestrian visitor. It took members of the Corfu Trail Trust years of voluntary work to create this unique trail that introduces visitors to the island's finest locations. The trail mostly uses age-old tracks, mule paths and dirt roads, avoiding tarred highways as much as possible. It is well way marked and can be followed in either direction.
It is advised to walk the trail from south to north. Firstly, because the landscape in the southern section of the island is gentle compared with the mountainous north and so the hiker, day by day, will walk himself into fitness, and secondly, because the scenic highlights and most interesting sites lie in the centre and north, so that each day on corfu trail surpasses the previous one. Experience the scenery and the pleasant breeze from the beaches of Spain by booking a car rental with

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