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The Climate in Corfu island (Kerkyra)

Because Corfu is in the northern part of Greece, the climate is ideal: from the end of March up to and inclusive November it has nice warm temperatures without the sweltering heat of Athens or the southern islands during the summer.
During the summer months the daytime temperatures are on average around 31° C, whilst in the spring and autumn are very pleasantly warm around 20° C. In the summer the sun shines eleven to twelve hours per day and even in the winter there is on average three hours of sunshine per day. The water temperature is about 19°C in May, 25°C in August and 23°C in October. January and February are the coldest months with an average of 16°C during the day and 9°C at night; the water temperature is then around 15°C. Frost on the ground and occasionally some snow is possible. But the cold winter days are regularly followed by some very nice days

climate in corfu

corfu island