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CORFU for Children & Families

Corfu is an excellent holiday destination for families. Although it may not appear to bean obvious choice at first glance, on closer inspection you'll see that a visit to the island is a must for families. Even though Corfu does boast a Disneyland, children's museums, zoos or the usual "children's" attractions, the whole island is a magnificent playground. It is one of the few places in the world where they will find what they need the most: a tender welcome and child-friendly hospitality. Corfu is, thankfully, lacking in tropical diseases, crime, violence and dangerous tides. As you will see for yourselves, when you visit, children, here, are able to play in the streets, squares, playgrounds and on the many beaches without fear In fact, the Corfiot way of life is, truly, family oriented. In both Corfu town and in the Island's villages, doors are left open, residents sit on their steps chatting with neighbours, children are left free to play in the streets and foreigners are always warmly welcomed. In other words, security and friendliness are the keywords which characterise local life. It's no coincidence that the word hospitality was coined in Greece: "FILOXENIA" (FILO = I love XENOS = foreigner). In village squares throughout corfu island the local municipalities organise Greek shadow puppet shows (called KARAGIOZIS). These puppet shows overcome the language gulf and children from all over the world are enchanted with them. PANIYIRIA are religious fiestas held in the village squares and in the courtyards of local churches in celebration of the various Saint's Days. These fiestas are a great way for your children to let off steam, take part in the local traditions and they also allow you to acquaint yourselves with the local culture. The birthday of Saint John of Prodromou is celebrated every year on July 24th and on this day, all over Greek islands & Greece, an interesting custom is kept alive: A fire is lit and local residents, both young and old, take turns jumping over the bonfire. In Corfu, this custom is called LAMPATINA and although it may sound somewhat dangerous it is great fun for all ages.
The Greek dishes served in the Island's restaurants can be counted on to please the younger visitor Some restaurants even have separate children's menus. Don't forget that the local dishes are based on the world famous Mediterranean cuisine: fresh fish, vegetables, olive oil and fruit. Just what every paediatrician would recommend for a growing body! In contrast to many places in Europe, Corfu's restaurants are all childrenfriendly. Some restaurants even have small play-areas for their young clientele. But don't worry, the fish tanks in the Fish Restaurants will keep the little ones occupied for long enough for you to enjoy a quiet meal

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