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Guige to ANTIPAXOS ISLAND (Greece)

Only 1,5 a nautical mile away from the island of Paxos is situated the island of Antipaxos. This small green covered piece of land, with olive trees and vineyards has got an area of only 5 square kilometers. Its only one harbor is called "Agrapidia" and the villages of the island consist of low houses and vineyards. But, here in this island you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the Ionian Sea, like the exotic beach of "Paradise".
"Paradise beach" is unique in the island of Antipaxos, because of its white gold silky sand beach (outside and inside the water), the cleanest and light blue colors, and of course of the brightest blue Eptanisian Sea. During the summer season a lots of yachts, of the entire world spent on Anchor their holidays. Also caiques or boats from Corfu and Paxos islands, even from the city of Parga and the port village of Sivota (mainland Greece) sail in daily to enjoy the swimming in the clear waters of this island.


History of Antipaxos island
In 432 BC the greatest biggest naval bottle between to Greek city-states, the Corcyra and Corinth, took place outside of Paxos, Antipaxos and Sivota islands 70 Corcyrians triremes and 30 Corinthians triremes sunk in the sea. So while you spent your holidays in Corfu Island or Paxos Island or even at the city of Parga and the port village of Sivota you can have the opportunity to visit this island by a day trip

corfu island